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Vocal Power

Presenting with Impact

Strong presentation and public speaking skills are core competencies for most executives, managers, and supervisors. Organizations value people who can connect with an audience and present well-organized material. Vince Varallo delivers this dynamic program to help your people deliver outstanding presentations. In addition to videotaping participants four times, we help you:

  • Connect with your audience
  • Manage your nerves
  • Organize & prepare

Target Audience: Anyone in the organization who delivers either formal or informal presentations.

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How to Facilitate Meetings

Organizations need trained individuals who can facilitate successful meetings. Too many meetings are unproductive and lose focus. Some are boring and fail to meet their objectives; others can be disruptive and cause animosity. Varallo International helps individuals become effective facilitators through customized training and coaching.

Participants learn to:

  • Lead a discussion
  • Engage a group
  • Keep the group focused
  • Handle disagreements
  • Guide groups to effective business solutions
  • Reach consensus

Target Audience: Anyone who lead meetings and discussions.  Please note, presentation skills training is a prerequisite.

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Varallo International is available if you need a facilitator to conduct a board meeting, an executive retreat, or a train-the-trainer session.